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Who We’ve Helped

We have worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of industries and sectors providing affordable solutions. The following are a few of the clients that we have helped. Explore your options, you can request more information or ask for a competitive price quote.

DE MELIS CONSTRUCTION — Timely Preventative Maintenance

DAEL Thermal conducted preventative maintenance on the backflow preventer systems of several Suncor Petro-Canada™ service stations. During the maintenance program it implemented, DAEL quickly and efficiently corrected any deficiencies discovered and submitted all of the required paperwork to the respective municipalities to ensure each location stayed in compliance. We also proactively provided recommendations on potential plumbing issues.

FAURECIA — Emergency Response

Faurecia, an automotive parts supply company, was involved in a critical incident that had their primary plate heat exchanger on their cooling tower fail. This system is responsible for providing all of the necessary process cooling to all of the plant equipment (air compressors, stamping dies, etc). DAEL Thermal was able to provide an immediate temporary solution that allowed the facility to continue operating while the permanent solution was sourced and installed.

LCBO — Province-wide Installation of New Refrigeration Units

The LCBO commissioned DAEL Thermal to source and install various-sized refrigeration units to provide appropriate cooling to various beers, wines and spirits. DAEL successfully managed and coordinated the challenging project across multiple Northern Ontario communities, allowing it to come in on time and on budget.

WESTON BAKERIES — Oven Modified in Time for Next Day Deliveries

Weston Bakeries mandated DAEL Thermal with modifying an existing Pita Bread oven to improve combustion waste and correct TSSA code deficiencies. The combustion chamber was modified to reduce maintenance and improve operational efficiencies. The project was successfully completed in a narrow downtime window, allowing Weston to meet all of its next day deliveries.

GRAVENHURST OPERA HOUSE — Correction of Mechanical Failure

During the opening night of a large theatrical event at the Gravenhurst Opera House in the middle of the summer, the building’s primary chiller failed, creating an uncomfortably warm environment for patrons.

DAEL Thermal was called in to correct the problem. Within minutes of arriving DAEL corrected the mechanical failure, allowing the paying customers to enjoy the theatrical event in comfort.

VOA / AUTOLIV — Savings Achieved on First Visit

VOA / Autoliv operates two air makeup units to correct the plant’s negative air pressure. Due to inadequate preventative maintenance by the previous mechanical contractor, both units were improperly set up, over consuming gas, and heating improperly.

On the first visit DAEL Thermal properly set up the combustion chambers, resulting in a significant gas savings while achieving correct heating levels for the building.


Magna Exteriors and Interiors tasked DAEL Thermal with providing a complete turn-key capital solution for all 90 locations’ rooftop units. DAEL completed this project throughout the summer months without impacting the office employees’ environmental comfort. We were also able to provide a significant energy rebate through the OPA to assist in funding the project.

BACKERHAUS VEIT — Mechanical Optimization and 24-hour Service

Backerhaus Veit relies on DAEL Thermal to provide monthly service support for all its mechanical needs.

DAEL has identified numerous mechanical deficiencies which, left unchecked, would negatively impact the facility’s production lines, from boilers not providing steam to freezers not holding temperature. DAEL provides the required 24-hour service.

CARA OPERATIONS — Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Cara Operations relied on DAEL Thermal to provide a complete turn-key capital solution to maximize operational efficiencies. Incentive opportunities were leveraged with the Ontario Energy Rebate Program which ensured the most cost-effective solution.

LIBERTY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP — Round-the-clock Support for Events

The Liberty Entertainment Group entrusts DAEL Thermal with the service support requirements of all its fine dining and luxurious venues. DAEL’s superior technical service and professionally attired service technicians have prevented potential catastrophes from occurring during formal events such as weddings being held at a venue like Casa Loma.


Martinrea International entrusted DAEL Thermal with a complete turn-key exhaust system installation for nine welding work stations.

This system met CSA and MOL regulations for the required air exchanges, allowing employees to work comfortably within the welding chamber.

MAGNA CLOSURES — Uninterrupted Operation During Major Upgrade

Magna Closures enlisted the services of DAEL Thermal to create, build and install an innovative gas train system on a critical oven to replace an existing system that was both obsolete and non-compliant with TSSA. At the completion of the project, the system was TSSA compliant, and the installation occurred without interrupting the plant’s operation.

ABC GROUP OF COMPANIES — 100-ton Chiller

ABC Group of Companies, specifically their Climate Control facility, relied upon DAEL Thermal to source and install a Refplus 100-ton process chiller in order for the facility to expand its production line.

The chiller was installed ahead of schedule and on budget, allowing the facility to start production of the new manufacturing line.

READY BAKE FOODS — Heat Recovery and Energy Savings

Ready Bake Foods approved a DAEL Thermal energy savings heat recovery project in which the existing plant ventilation system was used to capture excess oven room heat and redirect it to colder areas of the building. On completion, existing mechanical heaters were no longer required. The project was paid in part through incentives provided by Enbridge and the OPA.

CANADIAN MILITARY BASE — Three Weeks Ahead of Schedule

Top secret! Unfortunately we are not at liberty to disclose the name of the base, but suffice it to say we have worked with the federal government on multiple projects including this well-known base. DAEL Thermal provided a turn-key capital project involving the sourcing and installation of two steam boilers which provided heat to various buildings throughout the base.

Due to the early arrival of winter weather, we realized the urgency of the project and were able to complete the project three weeks earlier than scheduled without incurring cost overruns.

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