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Industries and Sectors We Serve

DAEL Thermal’s expertise spans a broad range of industries and sectors such as:  

  • Auto Parts Manufacturing
  • Property and Facilities Management
  • Municipal / Provincial / Federal Government
  • Health Care / Hospitals / Seniors Homes
  • Food Industry / Processing / Manufacturing
  • Hospitality / Restaurants / Food and Beverage
  • Commercial Facilities / Warehousing
  • Retailers / Shopping Malls

We understand your unique challenges — and — the need to operate at peak efficiency, 24/7.

Count on the DAEL Thermal team to source and install new systems, conduct compliance inspections for existing ones, identify deficiencies and report or replace, and provide concrete preventative maintenance recommendations.

How We Can Help

HVAC:  Depend on us for comfort air balancing for your customers and employees. Let’s evaluate if it’s cost-effective to upgrade from standard to high efficiency units.

Combustion and Combustion for the Food Industry:  Our TSSA-licensed technicians can solve any combustion problem. Our Engineering group will ensure that any and all equipment, old or new, is TSSA certified.

Refrigeration & Chillers:  Minimize downtime, waste and lost productivity due to inconsistent temperatures.

Preventative Maintenance Plans & Programs:  Do you need a program that meets or exceed the regulating bodies’ requirements? Our knowledge of the regulations imposed by various regulatory bodies both Auto Quality (ISO) and Food  Quality standards. With a tailored plan for your business we will provide concrete PM recommendations and can implement them.

Turn-key Capital Projects:  Cost-effective solution to design, source and install new or reconditions equipment.

Process Water & Steam:  We can assist you with your project engineering, installation, and service to steam systems

Energy Management Solutions:  Want to reduce your hydro bill. DAEL can  develop a plan to determine if you can take advantage of the Ontario Power Authority Electrical rebates to update your equipment.

Environmental Processes:  Audits will identify systems that are utilizing HCFCs such as R22, an ozone depleting chemical. Rely on our knowledge and awareness of industry trends including the Montreal Protocol, and federal and provincial rebate programs.



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