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Process Water & Steam

Steam is the most commonly used heat transfer medium in manufacturing and the HVAC industry. Steam systems have a wide range of applications from process heating in manufacturing plants to hydronic heating in buildings. Although commonly used, steam systems are among the biggest consumers of energy in any facility. DAEL’s combustion and HVAC teams have significant expertise in the retrofitting and maintaining of boilers, connected piping, fittings, and condensate systems.

The following are some of the various ways we can assist you with your project engineering, installation, and service to steam systems:

  • Complete boiler room retrofits
  • New system installation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Steam system audit and improvements

DAEL can also work directly with energy solutions consultants from the utility companies to access government available incentives and rebates for the projects and system improvements.


We work collectively with OPA and Enbridge
rebate programs to ensure the most cost-effective solution
for your process water and steam projects.

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