Preventative maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working,

Preventative Maintenance Programs

What is Preventative Maintenance? It is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. Without proper maintenance, you could see a new system start to break down much sooner than expected, and possibly void manufacturer warranties.

Why are Maintenance Plans helpful? Preventative maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working, so that it does not breakdown unexpectedly. 

For over 35 years, the DAEL Thermal team has helped customers maintain their critical systems from the commercial and industrial sectors to governmental bodies of all sizes Rely on us to develop a custom plan for your organization. DAEL provides tailored maintenance contracts with sharp pricing, we invite you to request a quote.

The following clients’ experiences demonstrate the value of DAEL’s preventative maintenance programs:

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BACKERHAUS VEIT – Mechanical Optimization and 24-hour Service

Backerhaus Veit relies on DAEL Thermal to provide monthly service support for all its mechanical needs. DAEL has identified numerous mechanical deficiencies which, left unchecked, would negatively impact the facility’s production lines, from boilers not providing steam to freezers not holding temperature. DAEL provides the required 24-hour service.
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VOA / Autoliv – Savings Achieved on First Visit

VOA / Autoliv operates two air makeup units to correct the plant’s negative air pressure. Due to inadequate preventative maintenance by the previous mechanical contractor, both units were improperly set up, over consuming gas, and heating improperly.

On the first visit DAEL Thermal properly set up the combustion chambers, resulting in a significant gas savings on the first visit while achieving correct heating levels for the building.

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DAEL conducted preventative maintenance on the backflow preventer systems for several  of Suncor Petro Canada’s service stations. During the maintenance program it implemented, we quickly and efficiently corrected any deficiencies discovered and submitted all of the required paperwork to the respective municipalities to ensure each location stayed in compliance.

Preventative Maintenance

PM maintenance plan

We appreciate  your desire to minimize your budget and maximize the lifespan for each piece of equipment.

We understand that you know it is often more expensive to replace a new system, that’s why PM programs work for you. DAEL also provides cost-effective turn-key solutions with new and/or reconditioned equipment.

Let’s be proactive while the equipment is still working. Rely on the DAEL team to develop an affordable preventative maintenance plan and ongoing program for your company.



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Liberty Entertainment Group entrusts DAEL Thermal with the service support requirements of all its fine dining and luxurious venues.

DAEL’s superior technical service and professionally attired service technicians have prevented potential catastrophes from occurring during formal events such as weddings being held at a venue like Casa Loma.

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