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The environment in which we work is constantly influenced by our actions. DAEL Thermal recognizes the importance of keeping our air clean. Doing so means implementing a variety of procedures and safety measures, from eliminating nuisance odours and dust generated in welding stations to ensuring the air in the packaging area of a food plant is free from contamination. We can work with you to ensure that all of your air requirements are met.

Along with providing clean air, we also pride ourselves on refrigeration audits, which help customers identify systems that are utilizing HCFCs such as R22, an ozone-depleting chemical, and providing alternative refrigerant solutions such as HCFCs like R407c. As per the Montreal Protocol, all HCFC production is to be substantially reduced and eventually phased out in the coming years.

It is important to ensure that any and all equipment utilizing these chemicals have an appropriate exit strategy. Whether that strategy involves unit replacements or modifications, DAEL can provide a number of solutions to your goals.

Not only has the government decided to phase out HCFC refrigerants, it has also set aggressive targets for the reduction of smog-generating chemicals such as NOx, CO, CH4, N2O and VOCs. These chemicals are created through the inefficient operation of combustion equipment.

Let DAEL conduct a combustion audit for your business or rely on our food industry combustion team to identify systems that are not operating efficiently and provide solutions to correct them.


Martinrea International Inc. entrusted DAEL Thermal with a complete turn-key exhaust system installation for nine welding work stations. This system met CSA and MOL regulations for the required air exchanges, allowing employees to work comfortably within the welding chamber.

READY BAKE FOODS – Heat Recovery and Energy Savings

Ready Bake Foods approved a DAEL Thermal energy savings heat recovery project in which the existing plant ventilation system was used to capture excess oven room heat and redirect it to colder areas of the building. On completion, existing mechanical heaters were no longer required. The project was paid in part through incentives provided by Enbridge and the OPA.


We work collectively with OPA and Enbridge
rebate programs to ensure the most cost-effective solution
for your turn-key capital projects.

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1st Visit: Savings Achieved

voa-auto-canadaVOA/Autoliv operates two air makeup units to correct the plant’s negative air pressure.

Due to inadequate preventative maintenance by the previous mechanical contractor, both units were improperly set up, overconsuming gas, and heating improperly.

On the first visit DAEL Thermal properly set up the combustion chambers, resulting in a significant gas savings on the first visit while achieving correct heating levels for the building.

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