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Combustion Expertise

DAEL Thermal has a talented team of combustion technicians who provide 24-hour service and turn-key installations. With over 100 years in combined knowledge and TSSA-licensed technicians, we can solve any combustion problem. Our Engineering group will ensure that any and all equipment, old or new, is TSSA certified.

Our combustion team has extensive experience in a number of manufacturing industries, particularly the Automotive, Aerospace, Tool and Die sectors,  as well as the food industry.

Today’s fast-paced manufacturing sector, with its premium on maximum production to tight schedules, cannot afford mechanical breakdowns. Our knowledge of maintenance and safety standards — and full familiarity with various governing bodies such as ISO — has allowed our team to develop robust, preventative maintenance programs that meet and exceed equipment manufacturers’ specifications.

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In addition to maintaining the equipment, we can provide the resources required to ensure all combustion equipment is properly calibrated, from ovens to burners to boilers. Tools such as the Datapak, Pitot Tubes and infrared cameras allow our technicians to ensure that all equipment is operating per OEM standards. This, in turn, allows you to improve your equipment process controls, optimizing performance and reducing waste.

  • Tann Corp
  • Jackson
  • Gerlach
  • Eclipse
  • Maxon
  • Reillo
  • Weishaupt
  • Boiler Smith
  • Fulton
  • Cirutti
  • Sarco Spirex
  • Hurst

We have extensive experience with paint ovens, cure ovens, dry-off ovens, aluminum extrusion ovens, burn off ovens, incinerators, regenerative thermal oxidizers, wash ovens, flare burners, aluminum melt furnaces, aluminum holding furnaces, aging ovens, homogenize furnaces and printing presses. We can identify and resolve combustion problems — both common and uncommon — with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Our knowledge and expertise includes repairing or modifying oven chambers, and designing afterburner sections for exothermic ovens. 

At DAEL we are also well versed in solutions for various combustion equipment. Our experience with the TSSA allows us to successfully obtain TSSA approval for custom combustion equipment or other equipment for which approval has not yet been secured.

FAURECIA – Emergency Response

Faurecia, an automotive parts supply company, was involved in a critical incident that had their primary plate heat exchanger on their cooling tower fail. This system was responsible for providing all of the necessary process cooling to all of the plant equipment such as air compressors, stamping dies, etc.

DAEL Thermal  provided an immediate temporary solution that allowed the facility to continue operating while the permanent solution was sourced and installed.



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Uninterrupted Operations

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Magna Closures enlisted the services of DAEL Thermal to create, build and install an innovative gas train system on a critical oven to replace an existing system that was both obsolete and non-compliant with TSSA.

At the completion of the project, the system was TSSA compliant, and the installation occurred without interrupting the plant’s operation during this major upgrade.

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