Food Industry – Combustion

DAEL has a talented group of combustion technicians who provide 24-hour service and turn-key installations. With over 100 years in combined knowledge and TSSA-licensed technicians, we can solve any combustion problem. Our Engineering team will ensure that all food preparing and processing equipment, old or new, is TSSA certified.

Food safety is paramount. Our knowledge of the regulations imposed by various governing bodies such as BRC, SQF and FS22000 has allowed our team to develop preventative maintenance programs that meet and exceed the Food Safety requirements for GMP and HACCP.

Equipment that is improperly calibrated can have a dramatic impact on food safety. At DAEL, safety is where we live. We ensure that tools such as the Datapak are available to our customers for annual calibration of their food processing equipment including ovens, proofers, refrigerators, boilers and freezers. Tools such as the Datapak, Pitot Tubes and infrared cameras ensure your equipment is operating per OEM standards. It also allows you to improve process controls for that equipment, thereby enhancing its overall performance and reducing waste.

As well as maintaining your combustion equipment, we can provide the resources required to ensure that all devices — from ovens to burners to boilers — are properly calibrated.

Our knowledge of and relationship with the following suppliers has allowed us to remain up to date with manufacturer-specific training, and the ability to ensure that all your equipment is maintained per OEM standards and specifications:

  • Turkington
  • Miwi
  • Cinelli
  • Bake Tech
  • Mecatherm
  • Hobart
  • Sveba Dahalin
  • Kaak
  • Eclipse
  • Maxon
  • Stein
  • Bake Perkins
  • Weishaupt
  • Boiler Smith
  • Fulton
  • Hurst
  • MCS
  • Daub
  • And many more!

Our knowledge and expertise includes repairing or modifying oven chambers, and designing afterburner sections for exothermic ovens.

At DAEL we are also well versed in solutions for various combustion equipment.  Our experience with the TSSA allows us to successfully obtain TSSA approval for custom combustion equipment or other equipment for which approval has not yet been secured.


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WESTON BAKERIES – Oven Modified in Time for Next-day Deliveries

Weston Bakeries mandated DAEL Thermal with modifying an existing Pita Bread oven to improve combustion waste and correct TSSA code deficiencies. The combustion chamber was modified to reduce maintenance and improve operational efficiencies. The project was successfully completed in a narrow downtime window, allowing Weston to meet all of its next-day deliveries.

CARA OPERATIONS – Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Cara Operations relied on DAEL Thermal to provide a complete turn-key capital solution to maximize operational efficiencies. Incentive opportunities were leveraged with the Ontario Energy Rebate Program which ensured the most cost-effective solution.

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Energy Savings Project

Ready Bake Foods approved a DAEL Thermal energy savings heat recovery project in which the existing plant ventilation system was used to capture excess oven room heat and redirect it to colder areas of the building.

On completion, existing mechanical heaters were no longer required. The project was paid in part through incentives provided by Enbridge and the OPA.


DAEL Thermal conducted preventative maintenance on the backflow preventer systems of several Suncor Petro-Canada™ service stations.

During the maintenance program it implemented, DAEL quickly and efficiently corrected any deficiencies discovered and submitted all of the required paperwork to the respective municipalities to ensure each location stayed in compliance. We also proactively provided recommendations on potential plumbing issues.

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